Compassionate Care

Every day is different and I love the patient interaction. Having a positive attitude and a smile on your face does wonders for patient satisfaction.
-Brenda - RN/Vascular Tech

What I enjoy most about working at Wadley is my daily interaction with customers. I want to make sure they are satisfied with their food and the service I provide.
-LaFran "Frannie" - Nutritional Services - Heartbeat Cafe

As a volunteer at the front desk, many times I am the first individual people encounter and it is my job to set the stage for a great Wadley experience. -Laverne - 2012 Volunteer of the Year

Before coming to Wadley eight years ago, I heard many great things about the hospital. From the first time I stepped through the doors, I knew this was the place for me. A place where I was made to feel welcome, and a place where I could make a difference.
-Mary - Environmental Services Supervisor

When a patient comes for an MRI, they are looking for answers and many times they are very nervous not only about the procedure itself, but also about the results. I work hard to make them feel comfortable and try to put them at ease by walking them through each step of the procedure.
-Phillip - Radiology - MRI